The Yopo Seed Experience

The Yopo Seed Experience

Recipe: Pan fry the seeds until the shells are just dry enough to peel off. Peel the shell and grind the seeds as fine as you can. Add calcium hydroxide to the powder in a ratio of about 10:1 (Yopo/calcium hydroxide) and just a little bit of water to make it into a sort of dough-like substance.

Kneed this doughy substance for a few minutes and then spread it out as thin as possible in a plate and allow a fan to blow over it until all the water has evaporated out of the “dough”.

Once it has become dry and brittle, chop it up with a razor blade as fine as possible and snort.


2013 Jan

Location :Allentown, PA

I want to share with you my experience with yopo snuff that i had about a week ago. First let me say this wasn’t my first experience with yopo, this would be my second experience but my first trip. So here it goes…

I prepared my yopo snuff by roasting 4 nice looking beans, deshelled them, crushed/grinded them in a stone and pestle. Then i added some baking soda(1:3 ratio) and mixed with a few drops of water. Cooked the paste, it smelled amazing, and then ground it again with my stone and pestle till it was a fine powder. The weight came out to be about .59 grams. I split the snuff into 4 lines.

I snorted the first line and struggled to keep my self focused. The pressure it caused in my head and sinuses was extremely painful. I went to the second line and switched nostrils. The pain seemed to dissipate and a mild euphoria set in. This allowed me to snort the third line. I was unable to move to that last line of yopo for my journey had begun(10 minutes after doing my first line).

My head was swimming, i felt no pain only a dullness. I had to go lie down. This was a challenge since i had very little balance at this point and my vision was heading off without me. I made it to my room and laid down with the lights off, there was still light coming from the hallway that illuminated half the room. I closed my eyes and saw blue octagon made of blue outlined bricks. I quickly opened my eyes to see if i could really see it and to my amazement my room was bright neon blue bricks merging with neon green bricks. I saw what appeared to be a gear or cog slowly spinning were my door was. At this point i had lost most of my movement and could hardly give a thumbs up to my brother who was sitting me. I have no idea how long i was watching this for as i had no recollection of time. And then it hit me, nausea, enough to force me to get up and stumble to the bathroom where i hurled violently. Surprisingly I still felt no pain from this and the bathroom glowed and shined gold. I knew my journey was ending after that, no more beautiful colors, but the euphoria managed to hold onto me for a while longer.

I ended up making it back to the sitting room where it all began. I fell several times before i gave up on walking and decided to roll around. The sounds of music were more beautiful than i could have imagined. I had no care in the world at this point and everything felt amazing…that includes my cat whom i tried to catch, his warmth was breath taking to me. I noticed my brother laughing at me and decided it was best to hide under paper towels, why i choose to do that i have no idea. I slowly started to regain control both mentally and physically.

This whole trip lasted approx. 1.5-2 hours. It is a trip ill never forget and look forward to more trips.

excerpt taken from : http://www.psychonaut.com/ayahuasca-dmt/46454-my-yopo-experience.html