Peruvian or Ecuadorian Shamans ?

Peruvian or Ecuadorian Shamans ?

Peruvian Shamans or Ecuadorian Shamans?

Ecuadorian shamans must be certified by the proper agencies and legally recognized with their certificate to practice their trade and ceremonies in Ecuador. In Peru, no certification or authorization is required. This means that anyone can be a shaman in peru with no prior training whatsoever. They could start right away after their first ceremony or have done no ceremonies and call themselves a shaman.

In Ecuador, shamans are required to practice for many, many years, and it could take a decade or more of practice before they are finally blessed by the chief medicine man or elder who was teaching them to carry the medicines. Not just anyone can be a shaman in Ecuador! You have to truly qualify and know your trade before you are allowed to be a shaman in Ecuador. This is why it is safer with Ecuadorian shamans than Peru shamans because there is no government oversight in Peru for the shamans, whereas in Ecuador there IS government authorization needed for a shaman.

Peru Ayahuasca Retreat Centers or Ecuador Ayahuasca Retreat Centers?

The difference is mainly certification and safety measures! Peru has no regulation or certification of Peru shamans or Peru ayahuasca retreat centers. None! Anyone in Peru can open up an ayahuasca retreat center without authorization and hold ayahuasca retreats in Peru with absolutely NO TRAINING or CERTIFICATION whatsoever in Peru. Ayahuasca retreat centers in Peru are not required to adhere to safety measures that are normally required of a hotel, hostel or conference center and dangerous situations have often resulted in injury or harm to a person visiting.

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