Entheogenic Medicine – Something To Consider


Entheogenic Medicine – Something To Consider

The ceremonial use of entheogenic plants however, is nothing new. There is plenty of evidence that both Aztec and Mayan cultures used various entheogens (as depicted in their artwork) for ceremonial purposes. The tribal use of ibogaine has been practiced in parts of Africa while the Amazon Rain Forest is becoming more and more famous for the ceremonial use of Ayahuasca. The native Americans were also known to use entheogenic cacti (most famously peyote) in ceremonial format as well.

Entheogenic Medicine is becoming more and more known and sought. While this is something that can be thought of as beautiful, amazing and a sign of change – it can also be dangerous in ways that easily elude the decision making process for those seeking to experience entheogenic medicine.Interestingly, that period of time in the US also marked a massive hungering for spirituality in ways that organized religion could not deliver. Many Eastern philosophies and practices dealing with the mind, breath and thought were introduced and became more popular and understood.

In order to understand the hidden dangers of entheogenic medicine I feel anyone seeking an experience (with entheogens) should first stop to consider specifically what they are seeking as part of the decision making process. Are you seeking healing and clarity or are you in it for the experience? While I am making neither higher or better than the other – this is an important point to consider when thinking about what format the medicine will be practiced in.

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