Covid – 19 Update


Covid-19 has seriously disrupted our global supply chain. Our tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers are all grounded with lockdown restrictions. Expect some products to be out of stock for at least 60 days. As we will monitor conditions closely we will you keep you updated on any changes. Stock up while supplies last!



  • Canada is closing its borders to non-citizens. Only four Canadian airports will accept international flights.
  • Latin America: Argentina has closed borders for two weeks beginning March 15, Chile has closed border to all foreigners starting on March 18, Peru has declared a state of emergency and closed borders starting on March 16, Colombia bans all new arrivals for a period of one month starting March 23. Brazil has sealed its borders to nine neighboring countries.
  • USA: US passenger travel restrictions from Europe have widened to include UK and Ireland. The US closed its border to non-essential travel with Mexico starting on March 21.

Cargo Impact:

  • North Americas-Europe: Significant capacity reductions in both directions. Space is available with constraints; no transit time guarantees.
  • North America-Asia: Capacity still constrained. Freighter schedules from the US are still inconsistent, but are ramping up and getting back to normal. Capacity constraints in Asian transit hubs remains to destination without direct flight options from the Americas.
  • Latin-America-USA: Capacity constrained. Significant passenger capacity reduction, but added cargo capacity via freighters.
  • Intra-Latin America: Significant capacity restrictions, because of passenger flight reductions. Broad travel restrictions are reducing capacity to freighters only, mostly served through Miami.

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