Buy Bitcoin with Square Cash App

Buy Bitcoin with Square Cash App

You can buy and sell Bitcoin right from your Cash App.

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency, that is created, bought and sold electronically. Bitcoin is a part of a currency category known as cryptocurrency, because it uses cryptography techniques to secure transactions. If you are new to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, you can more information about Cash App and Bitcoin in our FAQ.

Buy Bitcoin

To make your first Bitcoin purchase, open your Cash App:

  1. Select Cash Card or the dollar amount at the top of your screen to access your Cash App balance.
  2. Swipe left, you’ll see the BTC symbol in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select Buy, use the slider to choose the amount you’d like to purchase or swipe up to enter using a keyboard. Tap Buy BTC.
  4. Enter your Cash pin, or use your Touch ID if enabled, and select Confirm.

Before you can purchase Bitcoin through Cash App you’ll need to have cash in your Cash App balance and you may need to enter some additional identification information.

If this is your first time buying Bitcoin through Cash App, you’ll be asked to agree to Square’s Additional Virtual Currency Terms of Service