Banisteriopsis Caapi: The Spiritual Healing Doorway

Banisteriopsis Caapi

Banisteriopsis Caapi is a South American liana belonging to the Malpighiaceae family and one of the primary ingredients of the sacred hallucinogenic concoction, Ayahuasca. It is often used along with the leaves of the Psychotria Viridis plant. It is known as “the vine of the soul,” which signifies the spirit is free from all impurities. Shamans use this drink for inner healing and divination. 

Banisteriopsis Caapi is a giant woody, climbing vine or shrub which normally grows up to 30 m (98 ft.) in length. The plant flourishes in humus-rich and damp soil with lots of water. Stems are sericeous to glabrate twining themselves around other plants for support. Ayahuasca, Soulvine, Jagube, Caapi, and Yage are a few of the popular common names of the plant. 

For years, ayahuasca has been believed as a gift from the gods throughout the Amazon basin. To this day, various indigenous communities still view it as sacred. A “Master Plant Teacher” as they call it by which an individual could penetrate a spiritual healing portal. A lot of cultures also believe that it promotes self-awareness and dream-like visions and helps overcome existential challenges. It can also act as a natural anti-depressant and can pleasantly lift the mood and reduce anxiety and stress. Slightly hypnotic effects can be used for deep meditation or relaxation. After using the plant, you can fall asleep beautifully, accompanied by vivid and colorful dreams. 

Much continuing pharmacology and clinical examinations have delivered proof that Banisteriopsis Caapi may have therapeutic applications as an immune modulator, as well as in the treatment of some psychological maladies like alcoholism, substance abuse, and serotonergic insufficiencies.

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