Ayahuasca and Sex

Ayahuasca and Sex

One of the questions that I’m often asked is: “Why is better to restrain from any sexual activities before and after an ayahuasca ceremony?”

It is important to bring clarity to the subject because unfortunately in America sexuality is very much either misused or physically and psychologically suppressed. This creates many issues of all kinds especially because of the destructive emotion of guilt.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sex. Sex is actually one of the biggest gifts that God gave to us and is good for:

• Attaining God realization and spiritual growth

• Opening the heart and experiencing intimacy

• Healing the body and emotions

• Feeling physical pleasure

• Procreating

Learning how to use sex for spiritual purposes has enormous benefits and can give you a lot of power and a sense of well-being, because your sexual energy is your life force which is the most powerful force available within your body.

When your life force runs freely you will experience mental clarity, wisdom, positive feeings about life and perfect health. However, when you are robbed by this energy and most people are, you will experience depression, perversions, financial lack, disease, anger, fear and you can even become suicidal.

Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” writes about “sex transmutation”. What he means is to be able to use your sexual energy in a positive way to create and manifest abundance in your life.

When you drink ayahuasca the plant will use your life force to give you the “the sacred teachings” therefore your sexual energy should be plenty and available. If you had sex before or after the ceremony you are then leaking energy and eventually miss the healing.

If you do have sex before the ceremony and lots of people do, you will be ok but in the long run you will start to feel depleted energetically because it is going to be like having a hole in the tire sooner and sooner or later it will become flat.

Now if you misuse sex a lot, let’s say that you have lots of sex in all kinds of wrong ways like addictions and perversion and so on, that could be really dangerous because the energy depletion will exceed what could even cause death.

I don’t say this to make you feel guilty at all. In fact I’m an advocate of sex but it’s important to learn how to use this energy.

Ayahuasca is somewhat a forgiving plant however, if you don’t respect celibacy while using other kinds of master plants such as ‘toe’ you can get in serious trouble because they will not be as forgiving.

So if you are serious on your journey with the plant teachers it is important that you follow a few sexual guidelines.

A shaman or teacher or whatever you want to call them should also be what in Asia they call a “tantric master” because he knows how not to leak this energy and recycle them for healing purposes.

In the western world there is so much judgment, fear and guilt about sex that those notions are not easy to be understand. You will probably need an experienced guide to help you in the journey.

Sometimes you hear about gurus or shamans that are having sex while using plants or practicing other yogic disciplines. This is because if they master their energy it’s almost like that spirit or the plant is so strong in them that it becomes them and they know how to have no leaks of energy. Regardless, even for them this can be a dangerous path.

My suggestion is to enjoy your life and have lots of sex with your loved one. However when it is time to be serious on your spiritual practice be celibate for a while.

Again is important for you to be guided by an experienced teacher so you don’t create more issues that you might already have about sex. And if you are depressed and depleted because you lost your life force he will help you to get your life force back if is not too late.

Ultimately the spirit of ayahuasca wants you to love through sex so intensely and so divinely and have lots of children if this is what you desire.

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