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Healing With Tobacco: Rapé

Healing With Tobacco: Rapé Tribal Snuff     The following article is a guest post by author Travis Bodick of  Psychedelic Times does not recommend that people experiment with insufflating plant matter on their own, which could be dangerous.  Please seek out an experienced rapé practitioner if you are interested in working with these plant […]

Rape' snuff

Rapé Guide

All rapés contain ashes, nicotiana rustica, a mix of plants and one plant that gives the specific power to that rapé. Yawanawa Grounding focus Yopo Katukina Relax Passionflower Katukina Healing Kambo Nukini Amazon force Sharamasha Nukini Immune system booster Matico Traditional Hug of light Bobinsana Traditional Pachamama Caapi Kaxinawa Feminine unknown Traditional Cleanse Matico Traditional […]

Choosing the Right Rapé Snuff Blend for Your Ceremony

Tobacco or No Tobacco? Choosing the Right Rapé Snuff Blend for Your Ceremony There are many varieties of rapé to choose from. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons user Tubifex. Like most tobacco used in shamanic ceremonies, the purpose of rapé snuff is to ground, center, and invigorate you. As it’s understood in Amazonian shamanic cultures, the unique properties […]

Rape' snuff

Rape’ Snuff

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Rapé Snuff Learn more below All our rapé products are original, made by indigenous people from the many different tribes described below, and are sustainably produced by the tribes with the wisdom of their shamans. Indigenous tribe Yawanawa : – Tsunu : The traditional Yawanawa recipe, a good trong natural Tobacco with Tsunu ashes. […]