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Quina Quina
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Quina Quina


Quina Quina Coutarea Hexandra

Coutarea hexandra is a semi deciduous plant. It grows up to 4- 6 meters in height with a short, usually crooked bole. It can range in habit from a shrub that can often produce stems that interfuse into the surrounding vegetation, to a more tree-like form with a very dense, globose crown. Quina quina frequently planted as a decorative plant and usually found in South America like Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and grows well under sunny conditions and moistened soil.

It can be used as a replacement for quinine (Cinchona spp.) when healing malaria and is also used for treating swamp fever The wood is moderately heavy and hard but not very durable. The root bark is mixed in a decoction with stem bark and then applied as an antidiabetic and vermifuge. The plant is a magnificent source of neo flavonoids and their glycosides. One of the compounds in the plant has been proved to exert a relaxing impact upon the trachea. The plant extract has been shown to be anti-inflammatory.

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