Bobinsana Leaves
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Bobinsana Leaves




Bobinsana Leaves

Bobinsana Leaves, also usually identified as Calliandra Angustifolia, is a shrubby tree.  Along the river banks and streams in the Amazon Basin is where you can commonly find it growing. It is a remarkably green plant that can grow about 4 to 6 meters high. Other people call this powerful plant Balata, Bushiglla, Capabo, Chipero, Kori-Sacha, Bobensana Bubinsana, Bubinianal, Cigana, Koprupi, Kuanti, Neweí, Quinilla Blanca, Semein, Sháwi, Yacu Yutzu, Yopoyo.

It’s not that difficult to recognize this plant because of its pink to reddish powderpuff-like flowers which are common to the Mimosa family whence it comes from. Bobinsana is famous in the Amazon among the Indians and the Peruvians because of its properties. The Indians fix a decoction of its roots for strength and energy (a stimulant). On the other hand, the Peruvians prepare a bark tincture that relieves arthritis, rheumatism, bone pains, and colds. to boost their immune system. Furthermore, in the Peruvian herbal custom, its bark decoction is regarded to be a contraceptive, tonic, and depurative.

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