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15 ML

Sassafras Albidum E-Liquid

Sassafras Albidum E-Liquid.Sassafras is an ancient healing plant for Eastern Native American tribes. It has a history of being a medicine with many uses. According to the natives, it is an excellent tonic and blood purifier. A tonic is a mild stimulant know to improve general health and mood over time. Sassafras albidum is native to all states east of the Mississippi River and comes from the Laurel family, which also includes bay, camphor, and cinnamon. Native Americans use sassafras leaves to make tea and in the US. Sassafras Albidum is also an important ingrediant in making traditional root beer. We use the same commercial extraction methods in making our E-Liquids. Sassafras E-Liquid creates a clean crisp vapor with a soft enjoyable taste. The vapor produces a very dense and flavorful smoke-like vapor. You will get 15 ml of pure Sassafras Albidum E-Liquid.

Ingredients: USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol, Sassafras Albidum

Effects: Medicinal,Calming, Euphoric (Taste like Root Beer)

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