The Sacred Flower Of The Nile: Gift Of The Blue Lotus

blue lotus

The blue lotus flower is an endangered plant that has struck a significant part in early cultures. With interesting applications including lucid dreaming, intensified relaxation, and as an aphrodisiac, it’s no surprise that interest in this flower has continued for ages. Read on and discover the gift of this pious flower!

Blue Lotus Flower: Uses, Benefits, and Safety

Blue lotus is also commonly called Nymphaea Caerulea, blue Egyptian lotus, blue water lily, and sacred blue lily. It predominantly grows in Egypt and several parts of Asia. The Blue Lotus had a great stretch of limelight back through thousands of years of history and across cultures as diversified as the Egyptian, Mayan, Syrian and Thai. It has been speculated that the flower was used as part of healing and shamanistic rituals. This sacred plant carries cultural value, and images of the flower have been found on ancient papyri and the walls of tombs. So without further ado, here are the benefits you can get from blue lotus.

Promotes Deep Relaxation

Blue lotus can help you de-stress because it is high in Vitamin B and you also receive pyridoxine in the body. This component can instantly interact with neural receptors in the brain to influence mental state as well as positive, calm you down, and make you feel more grounded and connected.

Sleep Aid

Blue lotus can be an effective sleep aid thanks to the presence of compounds including nuciferine and aporphine. These compounds offer antispasmodic effects and a calming sensation that may help to induce more peaceful sleep.

Stimulates Collagen Generation

Collagen’s most well-known benefit is its ability to promote glowing and vibrant skin. This essential protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to look more youthful and healthy. It also helps build muscle and burn fat. It aids in the reduction of cellulite.

Skincare Benefits of Blue Lotus Flower

Promote Healthy Level of Blood Sugar

Blue Lotus is high in potassium and it helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. If you experience symptoms like constant thirst, increased urination, sudden weight loss, fatigue, or low energy levels, it could be because of high blood pressure. This flower can make blood vessels more relaxed thus improving and increasing blood flow and regulating blood sugar levels.

Maintain Healthy Digestive Function

Blue lotus holds a lot of fiber and can support large intestinal peristalsis and improve digestion which can remove toxins. It has been known to facilitate the absorption of nutrients by triggering the secretion of gastric and digestive juices in the intestine. By partaking in this food, you can also manage your weight, as you feel full and do not opt for more food.

Increases Blood Circulation

Lotus tea is a great way to improve blood circulation and increase energy levels. Iron and copper, which are contained in this drink, are very important for the production of red blood cells. Poor circulation can be very dangerous to one’s health and the symptoms include cold fingers and toes even when it’s hot outside, numbness, lack of energy, dizziness, cramps, and headaches.

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Supports Mental Function

Blue lotus can be advantageous to cognitive function. Zinc, a mineral contained in lotus tea, is shown to pair up with vitamin B6 and improve the function of neurotransmitters.

Lucid Dreaming

Blue lotus is said to induce or heighten lucid dreams. To achieve these lucid dreams, many people ingest the extract of the blue lily plant or add the blue flowers to hot water to brew an herbal tea. The flower petals can also be found for use in vapes or vaporizers.

Psychoactive Effects

Blue lotus was used in ancient societies in the Middle East much like yerba mate is used in South America. The tea offers mild psychoactive results that grant a sense of euphoria. These effects are the main reason the flower was brewed into tea for celebrations.


Blue lotus extract may offer aphrodisiac effects though modern medical research hasn’t authenticated its application in this viewpoint. The plant has played a role in historical contexts, particularly in ancient Egypt, where it was used as part of sexual ceremonies.

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They grow in ponds, anchored to mud and rising to the top to showcase their indisputable charm. Its beauty, intoxicating fragrance, and inebriating effect captured the attention of many. It has been used for thousands of years as a traditional medicine in ancient Egypt. Now, it’s usually consumed as tea, smoked or vaped, or inhaled as an essential oil. Notwithstanding several anecdotal claims, there’s no evidence that it helps reduce anxiety, improve sleep, increase sexual arousal, or manage erectile dysfunction. Blue Lotus maybe legal in most countries, however, the substance can excite psychoactive effects and should only be utilized after talking with your healthcare provider.