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ilex guayusa

Ilex Guayusa: Nature’s Energy Booster

Guayusa tea is a caffeinated herbal beverage commonly consumed in South America, mainly in Ecuador. The infusion is produced from the leaf of a holly tree (Ilex guayusa) that is native to the Amazon rainforest. Today, it’s marketed as a powder and extract — and added to products like energy drinks and commercial teas. It […]

NE Syrian Rue

Syrian Rue: Things You Need To Know About Peganum Harmala

Description Peganum Harmala is also known by many names such as Syrian rue, African rue, Harmal shrub, Harmel, Isband, Ozallalk, and Wild rue. This plant is a bushy herbaceous perennial shrub that can grow to a height of 1 meter but is usually around 0.3 meters high. If the soil is dry, the plant roots […]

blue lotus

The Sacred Flower Of The Nile: Gift Of The Blue Lotus

The blue lotus flower is an endangered plant that has struck a significant part in early cultures. With interesting applications including lucid dreaming, intensified relaxation, and as an aphrodisiac, it’s no surprise that interest in this flower has continued for ages. Read on and discover the gift of this pious flower! Blue lotus is also […]

wild dagga

Wild Cannabis | Benefits Of Wild Dagga

Ethnobotany is the scientific term for the study of how people utilize plants. It presents a new gateway to understanding when you learn the role of a plant in cultures both old or advanced all around the world. And one of the great surprises in this field is Wild Dagga. On that note, here are […]

Aloe Vera

Proven Benefits of Aloe Vera

Did you know that the Egyptian queens, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, used Aloe Vera religiously in their regular beauty regimes, and the conquistador Alexander The Great used it to treat soldiers’ wounds? Aloe Vera is a popular plant in the skin and hair care space. It is highly acknowledged for its soothing properties in calming sunburn […]