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    Good quality

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  2. NaturalEther Reviews

    Good quality

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  3. NaturalEther Reviews

    Effective and excellent

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  4. NaturalEther Reviews

    Definitely a high vibe rapé

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    This stuff make my intuition razor sharp

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10 thoughts on “NaturalEther Reviews

  1. Marc says:

    We got our order about 8 days after placing it, it was exactly what we ordered for a good price, and the customer service was great; answered my questions quick and were very friendly and approachable. Would definitely order from them again!

  2. trinitysolray says:

    Stellar customer service and excellent product. Thank you!!

  3. UC13 says:

    i am overjoyed….i seriously cannot say enough good things about this company, the quality product,
    and the phone order process is made super painless by Mr. Jay Shamona….great people….great product……
    i am a frequent shopper…and accidentally got a one off purchase that was most likely just old stock….
    i didnt even ask….and Jay happilly replaced my order…..that is above and beyond regular customer service….
    i am a VERY happy customer….and now a loyal one for life…. thanks Natural Ether…you make my dreams so bright!!!
    #HappyNewYear Jay !!!

  4. UC13 says:

    i simply cannot love on this wonderful company enuff…..i know it doesnt always work this way…especially with tomorrow being a holiday….but my order went out monday morning from FL and arrived weds in california!!! in spite of the 4th of july…..i am over the moon with joy…..the holiday is going to be extra special now for sure!!!
    thank you Jay Shamona….best customer service ever!!!

  5. AWAAPP says:

    I am so impressed with the speed of delivery and the wonderful people who make up the company, and Jason gave me an upgrade to my purchase.
    I will absolutely order from these beautiful people!

  6. UC13 says:

    Hurricane Dorian be Damned!!! i placed an order on a tuesday….i was told it might not make it till saturday because of the hurricane….and low and behold it arrived thursday….from florida to california!!!
    thank you again jay for the stellar customer service!!! Natural Ether keeps my smile shining brightly!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Richard noel says:

    fantastic company! service and shipping,top notch.ihave ordered on two occasions delivery to new england from florida was two/three days have yet to try the peruvian torch however the san pedro is excellent incense,cosmicand sacred being just two adjectives that immeadiately comes to mind!! the calea zacatechechi did not perform for me as hoped but i believe that to me because of my personal chemistry,nice and fresh however. thanks for being there.keep on spreading the peace truth and love.

  8. Andrew McStott says:

    I am so happy to finally find a company that has what I’ve been looking for. Quality is great and the delivery was excellent, came in 5 days. I am referring all my friends and will continue to use the services offered. Thank you very happy customer

  9. disk0rd42 says:

    An excellent source for some specimens to study for the characteristics of these unique plants for my doctoral research. My first order arrived quickly and was packaged well. Will definitely order here again if I need new specimens to characterize from their selection.

  10. Collin Hoeferlin says:

    good prices, quick shipping, and awesome customer service, i couldn’t be more pleased. i (wrongly) thought i had received an incorrect order, they got back to me immediately when i reached out and handled things in an extremely polite manner. if it’s all about first impressions, they’ve knocked it out of the park. will definitely be a repeat customer.

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